Data Vault Introduction

Date: 11 May 2018

Instructor: Remco Broekmans

What is Data Vault?

Data Vault modeling is quickly becoming the standard approach for modeling the Data Warehouse. It’s a unique data modeling technique that uses sets of hubs, links and satellites to build Data Warehouses. The technique is based upon the paradigm:

“Separate things that change from those that do not change”.

A Data Vault modeled Data Warehouse will help companies to handle their data in a constantly moving and changing environment.

What Can I Expect In This Introduction?

In this interactive session on data vault modeling we will give you an overview of the complete scope of topics required to understand the data vault modeling approach. We will cover the building blocks of the Data Vault: Hubs, Links and Satellites. You will learn, and model, a complete Data Vault model. At the end of this session you will be understand the basics of how to create your own, simple, Data Vault model and discuss Data Vault models made by other modelers.

What are the Business Benefits of this Course?

  • Ability to adapt quickly to new business needs
  • Quick adaptability to new data sources and business rules eliminates expensive re-engineering
  • Data is traceable allowing for fully auditable, integrated data store
  • Ideal for Agile development techniques, providing lower project risk and more frequent deliverables
  • Applicable to all emerging architectures (BD, Cloud, IM, Stream, BC)
  • Results in Data Warehouse with lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

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